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Process of Work Visa

Determine your Eligibility

Check to see if you are eligible for a work visa in the nation where you want to work.

These requirements could take into account things like your nationality, professional qualifications, and talents.

Search for your Job

Look for employment options in the nation where you want to work. You can do that from:

Websites for job searching, employment firms, or direct contact with employers.

Obtain a Job offer

Get a job Offer from the firm after discovering a position that suits you.

The employment offer should contain information on the position’s duties, pay & contract length.

Apply for a Work Visa

Submit your application to the appropriate government agency.

Add necessary supporting documentation with it, including your passport and a job offer.


Documents Required for Work Visa


A Valid Passport

In order to apply for a work visa, you normally need a current passport.

For the entire time you will be in the nation, your passport must be valid.


Job Offer Letter:

In order to demonstrate that you have received an employment offer in the nation you desire to work in, you will typically need a letter from your company.

The employment offer should contain information on the position’s duties, pay, and contract length.


Educational Certificates & Professional Qualifications:

You might be asked to show documentation of your educational & professional credentials, depending on the type of work visa you’re applying for.

This could include credentials related to your line of employment, such as degrees, certificates or diplomas.


Criminal Background Check:

In order to get a work visa, some nations could ask for a criminal background check from you.

This check is done to make sure you don’t have any criminal histories that could endanger national security in the country where you want to work.

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Admission Procedure
Documentation Process
Keeping track of IELTS / PTE Exam Dates
Assistance in getting bank Loan
Police Clearance Certificate
Medical Tests


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