Facing an interview is always a Nerve-Wracking Task! You may get the opportunity to face many interviews for different job profiles at various junctures of your life, but when the interview is for a student visa (To enter your Dream University), you rarely get another chance. So make the most of it & prepare for the interview like never before. 

The Visa Interview is the Final Step of the whole process which decides if the visa is getting approved or rejected. While some questions will be general, some would depend on the details you have filled in the Application Form & Supporting Documents. 

Here, we have sorted some Questions & Answers for you to face that Vital Test & ultimately study in the 2nd Largest country in the world, CANADA!

Your answers should be:

 – Short & Precise

 – Understand that there are no Right or Wrong answers

 – Be confident while answering so that the consulate officer knows that you are aware, purposeful &      determined

In the documentation process, you also require to give a Statement of Purpose (SOP). To know more about SOP, read: 7 Tips to write a Perfect SOP for Canada Study  

How are you doing today?

The first question will be an introduction-based question, they may ask you: 

1) Tell us about yourself
2) How are you doing today?

This question, which sounds general, may set the tone for the rest of the interview. This question is asked to make you feel more comfortable & less nervous. Your answer to this question should be precise & honest. Deliver your solution with confidence.

Have you ever been to Canada before?

This may be the close 2nd question. If yes, tell the officer honestly about your previous trip. It could be a trip for a Day Stay, Travel, Vacation or to visit your relatives. Just tell them the reason for visiting the country, what did you like about the country etc. 

It is just like telling a friend about your experiences. They would like to know if you are a right fit for the country or not. Just remember, your answers should be positive.    

Which program will you be joining & why only Canada?

This is a very crucial question which may actually make or break your case in front of the officer. 

First of all, you should be very clear about why you joined this particular program. Make sure you are aware of all the benefits of the program; you are informed about every minute detail of the course. 

Don’t forget to tell them why that program interests you & why you want to study that program in Canada only. Try to be as truthful as you can be while answering and do not bluff. 

For the 2nd part of the question, ‘Why only Canada?’, you have already mentioned the benefits of the program. Now you will have to mention the reasons for choosing Canada over your Native country & all the countries in the world. 

Mention why you could not find anything similar to the course you are taking up in your country. 
They are looking for a candidate who helps with the process of internationalization and can add value to their growth with his academic ability and demonstrable diversity.  

Who is going to cover your expenses? 

It’s a bit of a tricky question, which requires a definite answer. Your Visa Officer wants to know if you are capable enough to cover your expenses. You should be extremely clear about the breakdown of your expenses like: 

Tuition costs
Entertainment costs
Living costs

You or your parents may be covering your expenses. Or it could be from external sources like loan, scholarship or sponsorship. Support your answers with legit documents.  

Will you return from Canada?

Convey your pure intentions to return to your country.  

What makes you wish to return from Canada?

The Visa Officer will still doubt your intentions of returning to your own country & may ask you this question, to which you can say:

You have your Friends & Family here
You wish to return to your country after finishing the course and will search for a suitable job

What will you do if you run out of money in Canada?

Your funding plan credentials document may support this answer but you should be very secure & certain while answering this. You can say that your account balance is sufficient to meet all your expenses & as a result, this situation will not occur.

Where do you stay and study in India?

Again a question, to not only confirm your personal details but also to check its validity. So answer accordingly & truthfully.

Where will you be staying in Canada?

If you have already searched & finalized a place to stay, inform them about it. 

If not, tell them about your Temporary stay. You can even share the address of the hotel you are planning to stay in for a few days.

There can be many personal questions about your educational qualification, family, jobs etc. Just remember to answer them truthfully & support them with documents. A Visa officer will look for a candidate who is:

Can add value to the Institution he is going to join
Most importantly, has the right intentions. 

A Pro Tip would be to give all the information you want to give to the visa officer by being precise & confident the whole time.

Besides the interview itself, appointing a good Visa consultant also plays an important role. Hire the best student visa consultants in surat like SG Visa & increase your chances of getting placed in the university of your dreams.

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