How to get funding for study abroad?

Studying overseas has opened a wide scope of opportunities to set an aspirational benchmark & excel an individual’s academic experiences. Students who get an opportunity to gain international exposure by studying foreign in a reputable university develop a better understanding and awareness of the different cultures of the world, earn a feather in one’s academic cap and noticeably get to learn skills that contribute to their career and personal growth.

The sense of cultural engagement and cross-cultural proficiency creates diversified employment opportunities for the students who go overseas for higher studies. But the idea of studying abroad can only be fulfilled with proper Financial planning. 

While applying for a Student Visa in Surat, you require proof of owning sufficient funds that could cover the cost of living and education both for at least 1 year. It is certainly believed that there are many students who want to study abroad but not all can afford the high price tag that comes with it.

So, Here are some of the ways to finance your study abroad:

Personal Savings:

This is one of the most vital ways to encourage yourself to apply for a student visa and get a degree from foreign universities within your reach. But sometimes the amount accumulated is not enough to study and accommodate yourself overseas.


The most secure source of funds to study abroad is through scholarships. Many foreign institutions / government agencies conduct scholarship programs for the student willing to study overseas on the basis of their academic performance. The student should start their research a year or two before they want to go overseas about a potential scholarship program.

Grants and bursaries:

Unlike scholarships these are basically on the basis of a first- come first-serve basis. Many overseas universities or communities  provide gift aid to the needy who want to go abroad and have the potential to get an opportunity to study overseas free of cost. It is necessary to apply for this at the earliest and check if you are eligible.

Education Loans: 

Education loan is a very common and popular method among students to fund their studies abroad. You can get the loan from the bank or any financial institution. This finance source encourages you to live your dream of studying abroad and aid finance on the terms of returning it back at a certain time with certain interest.

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Exchange Programs:

It is a program where many schools or universities offer some students to study abroad at one of their institutional partner institutions. If you are enrolled for studying under student exchange programs, you don’t have to pay any fees to the host University. Normally these students get a visa for a short period of time normally ranging between 6 to 12 months.


This is generally offered by a company to any of their skilled employees who are working for them or want to  continue working with them while studying. Such companies pay the overseas study fees and encourage you to get a certain degree that would add more experience and knowledge to their business.

Part-Time Work:

Many universities legally give an opportunity to their full time students to work part – time jobs on campus or off campus. For this student will need a local foreign bank account for their salary deposit and this way they get a chance to earn funds for their study as well as living.

As now you are well aware of the various finance options through which you can plan for your overseas study, it’s now time to choose the right path and apply for the programs offered by the university you are applying to. Get in touch with the best student visa consultants in surat & study in your dream country.